Carolina Brew HaHa 2017 | Beer List

Here's our most up-to-date list of what's on tap! Of course, the selections are at the brewers discretion and it's always great when they toss in a few surprises!


Thomas Creek: Trifecta Mango | Aged Up The Creek | River Falls Red

Carolina Bauernhaus Ales: Barrel-Aged Keowee | Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter | Oconee Pale Ale

Good Times: Jibber Jabber | Not Your Granny’s Peach Cobbler

Full Spectrum Brewing: Reaper Roast Amber | Infrared IPA | Upstate Orange Wheat

Cooper River Brewing: Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel-Aged IPA | Orange-Infused Blonde

Bull City Ciders: Sweet Carolina | Orange you a Hippie

Highland Brewing: Barrel-Aged Black Watch | POW!

Bold Rock Ciders: Peach | Carolina Apple

Hi-Wire Brewing: Hi-Wire Lager | Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA | Gose

Quest Brewing: Kermesse Pumpkin Saison | Biere Noire Belgian Black Ale

Lonerider Brewing: Addie’s Revene | Sweet Josie Brown

Southern Barrel Brewing: Southern Bramble | Damn Yankee

Stone Brewing: Vintage Old Guardian Barleywine | 02.02.02 Vertical Epic Ale

Freehouse Brewing: Pink | Folly’s Pride Blonde

Anderson Valley Brewing: Peachy Barl Sour Ale | Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout

River Rat Brewing: Helles Bock | Honey Biscuit Ale

Holy City Brewing: Unbridled Enthusiasm | Flora Amora (Carolina Bauernhaus collaboration) | Red Kettle Sour

Foothills Brewing: Seeing Double | People’s Porter | Bookworm Craft Hoppiness IPA

Noble Ciders: Standard Bearer | Village Tart | Spice Merchant

Tradesman Brewing: 16Penny | Master Welder Tequila-Barrel Wheat | Anniversary Double IPA

Frothy Beard: Mermaid’s Milk | Lemson and Black Peppercorn Saison

New Groove Artisan Brewery: Cole Porter | Flam Pale Ale

13 Stripes Brewery: Barrel-Aged Bloody Tyrant | Sgt. Molly American Wheat | A brand-new, unnamed IPA

Sixpoint Brewing: Resin | Kold Kolsch

Birds Fly South: Dollarbird | Where the Night Goes

Abita: Pecan | Wrought Iron

Cigar City: Maduro | Guayabera

Unknown Brewing: Ginger Wheat | Brown-Ryed Girl

In the Rare Beer tent:
Evil Twin (If You Want the Rainbows You Have to Put Up With the Rain)
Captain Lawrence (Hop Commander IPA)
J Wakefield (Hops for Teacher IPA)



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